Gulf States Mycological Society



The Morel walk is now set for this coming Saturday, March 19, near St

Francisville, LA. David Fuller reports that morels are fruiting now, but he will not be able to lead the walk because of personal commitments.

Our leaders will be Phillip and Alexandra Tussing, members from Dickinson,

TX. Phillip is an outstanding woodsman and Alexandra is our Mycophagy

Chair. She probably knows more about edible mushrooms than the rest of us put together. The meeting place and walk sites will be the same as in past years. You may contact Phillip on his cell phone 603-512-3299, with any questions.


David reports that camping is now allowed in the Tunica Hills WMA, for those who may be interested. You should be able to learn more on the State of Louisiana website.


The Tunica Hills Wildlife Management Area is a beautiful and rugged area of loess bluffs with an Upland Hardwood habitat located about 20 miles by road NW of St. Francisville, LA. Those attending will have to possess either a valid LA hunting or fishing license or a WMA use permit. These must be carried on your person, and because there is a lot of poaching in this area, we will almost certainly be asked to show our permits. The permit may be purchased online from Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries, or any place selling Hunting/Fishing licenses. Each vehicle will also have to be registered at the self-check station at the WMA entrance. There is a five (5) gallon limit per person per day for mushrooms.


Phillip will request non-GSMS member guests to sign a waiver of liability

against GSMS members, because of the many dangers in this area. These

dangers include very steep, slick, and unstable slopes, timber and pygmy

rattlesnakes, copperheads, water moccasins, Lyme's disease and West Nile Virus. Bears, a rare panther, and feral hogs occasionally visit the area. It is suggested that appropriate footwear, with good ankle support and traction, be worn. People with bee or other allergies should bring

appropriate medication. A walking/snake stick is suggested.


St. Francisville is located on Hwy 61, about 60 miles south of Natchez, MS

and about 40 miles north of Baton Rouge. St. Francisville can be approached from the south or north by Hwy 61, from the east by LA Hwy 10 or from west by means of the LA Hwy 10 ferry. Those crossing the ferry should allow an extra 30 minutes because the ferry crosses at 30 minute intervals. Those needing better travel directions should telephone Phillip Tussing at 603-512-3299 , or go to and search.


There are nice motels and Bed & Breakfasts in the area for those wishing to spend the night. Go to We will meet at M&J Grocery on LA Hwy 66, locally known as the "Angola Road". LA Hwy 66 originates at Hwy 61, about three miles north of St. Francisville, and ends at the Angola Prison Farm. LA Hwy 66 is very well marked. M&J's Grocery is located 6.2 miles from the turn onto LA Hwy 66 and is on the left side of the road. Phillip and Alexandra will be there beginning at 9:00 AM and we will all leave for the site at 10:00 AM. M&J's Grocery prepares snacks and sandwiches, and may sell permits and licenses. Phillip's cell phone number is 603-512-3299 for those lost or in trouble. We will end the walk at 4:00 PM. Lunch will be "on the hoof" so that more time can be spent hunting. See you there!